Gastronhome in the press

We are delighted and truly honoured to have been featured in the following British and international publications as a top place to eat in London.

Review by Sudi Pigott, South West London Magazine, October 2015 


Review in Sloan Magazine, July 2016

And also on Traveler Magazine and (Spanish) amongst some of the top places to eat in London.

Instagrams from our Guests – Jan. 2017

Many thanks to our guests for these great images!

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New art: Roger Bezombes’ Air France advertising poster

We recently acquired this poster during a recent trip to Paris, which is now on display at Gastronhome. This poster was created by Roger Bezombes for a 1980 advertising campaign for Air France titles “Vie du Monde – 16 affiches pour Air France “, roughly translated as “Life in the world – 16 posters for Air France”. The poster was created for an exhibition “Air France et son image” (Air France and its image), which took place at the Centre Pompidou on 8th November 1981. Find out more about the posters here.

Instagrams from our guests

We just thought we would share a few Instagram photos from our guests on this blog. If you’re planning on visiting Gastronhome, please tag your photos with the #gastronhome hashtag.

The hugely talented Oriana Curls who sang for our guests on New Year’s Eve

Behind the scenes: Our photographer snapping our monthly menu

Chocolate and raspberries from our Autumn 2015 menu

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Pineapple carpaccio from our Spring/Summer 2015 menu

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